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So I’m putzing about in my iTunes library, cleaning up some oddities, like the artist or album name not quite matching for all the tracks on an album, and I’m busily clicking away, sorting and resorting on occasion. I finish up and go back to the top of my list to restore my favorite sort order, “Album by Artist,” when I notice the heading is just “Artist.”

I had added a couple of columns, so I figured I must have accidentally turned off the “Album by Artist” column while I was on the screen. No problem, I’ll just turn it back on…

Where is it? I know I was using it earlier today! But it’s not even an option now. Where did it go? More stumbling around led to the answer – and I learned something new in the process.

So at the time when the column was lost, my headings looked like this:

It turns out that while I was sorting and re-sorting, I didn’t always hit the arrow. Now, in most headers, it doesn’t matter where you hit in the column – it simply reverses the sort order. But the Album column is special. You need to click on the arrow itself to change the sort order. If you click too close to the word “Album,” look what happens:

Ta-da! It’s back! Click again, and

you get yet another way to sort. Click yet again, and the column goes back to being just “Album.”

OK, a bunch of you are saying “you just noticed?” but yeah, I did – and I’m wondering how many of you out there didn’t know about this one either! Me, I’m just glad to have my column back the way I want it.





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4 Responses to Lovely To See You

  1. Linda says:

    Jack, I didn’t know this either. Always wondered why/how some did this!! Linda Now I want to know why you would want “album artist”?

    • Jack Beckman says:

      That’s how I’ve always looked up and filed my music (on vinyl and CD) – same way they did it in record stores (remember those?). First by artist, then by album. I don’t always remember the exact name of an album, but I usually remember who it was by, and then can go from there.

  2. DK says:

    You mean futzing (fiddling with) not putzing (literally, penising).