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With the new structure of the iCloud I, like many others, am losing a service that worked very well for me, iDisk. 🙁


We all have to find a new place to host our online content by June of 2012.

I have a lot of photo galleries and video websites hosted on my iDisk, that were created using iPhoto or iWeb. Having the creation-hosting combo in a Mac-like ease and environment was great.

Yes, there are plenty of alternative sites to house content, but the dilemma always lies in which one to choose and the why criteria.

I have been wondering if I could use Dropbox in the same manner as I’ve used iDisk, not for photos, but for my Acrobat Shared Review files.

Then, as I was reading a digital issue of MacWorld, I was shown a likable viable alternative for where and how to store my photo galleries and iWeb websites. In my Dropbox account.

After warming up to Dropbox, I have found many reason to love it. Dropbox is very handy when it comes to automatically syncing content. Whether I’m at a remote location, at home or at a client’s office while working on a file, It’s great to find the latest revision of the file in all Dropbox locations when I need it.

I knew you could have a Dropbox folder for photos, and send out the URL to family, friends and associates, so that they could view them. But I didn’t know how that would look. What I really wanted to do was just find a place to upload the existing layout as it was to another location without it being in competition with unwanted logos and ads. I just wanted to see my content on my pages.

With this great tip, from Lex Friedman and MacWorld, that’s exactly what I got.
I can keep using iWeb to create new sites, keep my existing sites updated, save my existing sites to my Dropbox and just send out the new URLs. And, if ever necessary, FTP my existing sites to any web hosting service.

For the article on how to use Dropbox as an iDisk alternative for your webpages, see: Host iWeb Sites in Dropbox


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6 Responses to Dropbox Alternative

  1. In other words, Dropbox becomes a hosting service for a web site. I wonder if the web search robots (or whatever they’re called) would find a site there, so it would be included in search results. ??
    – However if a site is just for personal or small group use, and the url is distributed accordingly, it wouldn’t matter. (??)

    • Chita Hunter says:

      Dropbox becomes a hosting site for your web pages just like iDisk was.
      I’m sure the ‘bots’ can find it. Once it’s on the web location origin doesn’t seem to matter. 🙂

  2. Phyllis Evans says:

    I tried this a few months back and couldn’t get it to work. Just tried it again, and it’s working like a charm. Thank you, Chita! You just saved me a big headache with the site I maintain for the Farmington Elks.

  3. Chita says:

    You and me both.
    You’re welcome!

  4. Thanks for this very useful information.

  5. OpenDrive says:

    Although I am a bit biased — I have to say is a great alternative as well. We offer amazing features and support — give us a try for free.

    Plus, here’s a link for 25% off for transferring DropBox users.