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Another week goes by. Another week brings a

F R I D A Y!






Well, this is another week of introspect on a number of things dealing with backup. The week prior to Thanksgiving gave birth to an incident that was going sour but came back to sweetness because when I asked the individual if they had done a backup, the answer was “YES”. With that in mind, the process proceeded and all parties walked away happy. I have to tell you that sometimes when you have to tell someone that all of their data is lost, you might as well tell them that a loved one has died. Sometimes the lost data can mean that much and it’s a message I never like to deliver.


I also got an opportunity to get back to my roots as a “SuperHero” thanks to the nudging of my daughter. Now when I say superhero, I don’t mean like Superman or The Fantastic Four, they all had some sort of super power. No, I mean more like

“Kick Ass”




if you seen that movie. He did not have any super powers but he was still a super hero.


So my choice of a super hero came down to being …… are you ready ……..wait for it…….here it comes ……….


C A P T   U N D E R P A N T S!




Oh yeah …. That’s the choice for me.  Glad it’s based on a kid’s story. Else I would have to reign from my fortress at Hanes. I’d rather be headquartered at Victoria’s Secret but I couldn’t find any thing that fit right. _— Did I say that out loud —- scratch that Vicky’s sentence.

BTW – That’s me. Just to the right of the guy in the black coat. My daughter is to his left just t the side of the portly superhero.



Also I had a chance to go back to my family roots in the Virginia /DC area. I got a chance to see a few things I had not seen for quite a while and some new things. The Martin Luther King Memorial was impressive, even after dark.



So as I am shooting a bunch of pictures with my cousin’s digital camera that they just bought, was really nice, and they had no idea how to work at the time, I said to them, “Hey I want to get copies of all these pictures so when we get back, can I have you send them to me?” They said sure, and then I though, “Hmmm…. Maybe I should back these up so they don’t get erased by accident.” But how? They did not have their USB cable. Wow, I just thought, my Macbook Air has a built in SD slot. Popped the SD card out of the camera and into the side of the MacBook. Bingo, mounted on desktop like a hard drive and I copied what I needed and it was done.


My cousin then asked how do you backup you copy? Hmmmm…. Oh yes, connected my 3G modem and then connected to my DropBox account. 15 minutes later, pictures were securely copied. Some of the family wanted to see some of the pictures but I really did not want to use my MacBook in pass-around mode. Well meaning people but things can get dropped and I need the MacBook for work support. Ah Ha!, pulled out the iPhone and connected to my DropBox account and was able to share the pictures. However, the screen was small. Last trick out the magic bag Felix. I pulled the iPad out and connected to …..guess………come on…….I know you can do it ………yep DropBox account and I was showing pictures on a bigger screen.


So as you can see, not only was I able to securely backup my pictures for future use, I could also share those pictures as well. You could do the same with iCloud as well. In addition, remember that those SD cards you have around for photos can also be used for storage for small capacity backups as well.




Musical Selection


As the Holidays are approaching the gathering of families will become more frequent, please enjoy each others company.





The radio always sounds good to me.


Check out this weekend’s edition of the “Internet Advisor Show” on AM 760 WJR – This Saturday’s show will be a live broadcast with Foster, Ed, and Gary. I however will not be in attendance. That doesn’t mean you can still tune in for talk and call in for questions that are internet and tech natured. I will be over at Royal Oak Ice arena for the New Edge Figure Skating Club’s annual “”SkateFest” competition. It’s great family fun to watch the skating and get this…. The price is very family friendly because you can bring as many as you like for one low price ……. FREE!


C Ya there!

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