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I have a LOT of different devices (nodes) on my local area network (LAN). Most of them are setup to use DHCP (grabs an IP Address automatically). Sometimes I need to know more about a particular device or need to access one and I may not know what IP address it’s currently using. Also it’s nice to know things like the wireless channel that my WiFi devices are using. A colleagued turned me on to iNet and I gotta say that hands down it’s the best network utility that I’ve ever used.

When you launch it for the 1st time it will scan your network and list everything that’s on it (in the same subnet as your Mac). If it can identify what the device is it will tell you. If not it may just give you things like the manufacturer/vendor. If iNet knows what the device is it will even show it with the appropriate icon or you can assign icons yourself.

This App can also give you a TON of useful information if you use Apple AirPort Base Stations.

While I don’t use this everyday, simply because there’s no need to, I do LOVE having it for those times when I need it. It can also answer that question – “who’s using my WiFi?” 🙂

You can get iNet for $5.99 here from the iNet - BananaGlue GmbH

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