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But I try to never miss my backups.

By the way, my little friend is taking the week off. We all need some time off.

I say try because I, like everyone else, occasionally miss a backup. That’s really okay because everyone is not perfect and guess what? Neither am I ! Hope I did not burst the bubble you may have held for me.


Alright it’s time to be humble again. This past 2 weeks have been very, very, hectic for me. Between doing work on a presentation for Chadsey high school all class Christmas party. This is a group of multiple years of graduation classes since the school has been in existence. I am doing a presentation using year books dating back to 1940. I requires a great amount of scanning and formatting of a lot of materials. Needless to say many nights of work.

Whenever I am doing that type of detailed and labor intensive work, I always do a backup periodically. I mean I do a backup every so often to make sure that if I have a problem and have a hardware problem with my Mac , I can recover on another Mac if there is a problem. Also if a suffer a disaster (water,fire, or theft), I have another chance to recover. Nothing is worse that working on a project and losing the work and have no way to recover, and also have a timeline to meet and not enough time to do the rework. If you have been there, you know what type of hell that is.

So periodically I backed up both to an external bootable as well to tape and then I stored one of the two backups offsite. I never had to sweat.

I was also officiating my first National Figure Skating assignment so I was also working on this project at the end of the skating day in my hotel room. I used Dropbox for my offsite backup from my hotel room in case of problem and it was there for me when I got back home.

By the way I had a tremendous time at the USFS Jr. National Championships in Lansing Michigan. I am part of the accounting team, the people “that are the first to come and the last to go”. I seem to relish the “roadie” lifestyle jobs. I worked with a fabulous team of accountants and tech accountants and had a great time!




Here is the crew. The women are from left to right. Barbara – Accountant, Sue – Chief Accountant, Ellen – Tech Accountant, JoAnn – Accountant, Cathy Tech Accountant, and the guy in the back, me, Tech Accountant as well. I can’t think of a better team I have ever worked a National with!


See ya next Friday!


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