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F   R   I D   A   Y     !


The chances are pretty good that some of you out there are going to get some nifty gadgets for the holiday season.


If any of those gadgets are something that stores data, you’ll want to include them in whatever backup schema that you have.


If you received a gift like that and don’t have a way to back it up, perhaps you have now found a use for that generic gift card ( Visa, Master, AmEx ) so you can buy that external drive.


After you have backed up, make sure to do a test restore because a backup you can not restore is not a backup.


Christmas Tree of Monitors

First Fruits of Kwanzaa

Happy Hanukkah – Star Trek Style

What More can be said ?

Let me know what I have missed. I don’t know all of the holidays celebrated at this time of year.


Musical Selection


Seems like the right selection for one of the holidays of the season




The radio always sounds good to me.


With the holiday season, you can tune into the “Best of the Internet Advisor”. These will be repeats of some of our best shows while we all take a holiday break. Enjoy


Happy Holidays!

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