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I started using Evernote a long time ago, and have always loved the ease of grabbing data on the fly and saving it for later reference. Sometimes it’s a recipe, sometimes a receipt for an online purchase. It stays in sync across my iPad, iPod touch and both computers without any hassles. That said, they made a major change in data storage when they upgraded to version 3.0, and I only recently found out about it. Prior versions stored all data on the platform you were using. With 3.0 it went to the cloud — exclusively. Now, the majority of the time I’m connected to network, so there’s no problem. But what happens if I’m out shopping and want to check something? I don’t have 3G on my iPad. No connection, no data. So not good. I can store MY data on MY iPad or touch or computer IF I want to pay them $45 a year. Now granted, the $45 a year does give you ad-free screens and greater data transfer amounts, but I don’t need that. Color me angry. Go to a paid app if necessary financially, but don’t change the game and start charging me for something I’ve had.

I started looking for an alternative to Evernote, and the pickings are slim — at any price. Yojimbo looked like the best of the lot, but the iApp is iPad only and apparently read-0nly at this time. After looking at a lot of other things, I finally settled on Awesome Note. It has separate versions for the iPad and the iPhone/touch, and syncs with Google Docs and, you guessed it, Evernote. iPhone version is $3.99 and iPad version is $4.99. They do have a free lite version, so you can try before you buy. 

I was able to sync with my Evernote account, then it was a matter of reorganizing everything. After syncing with both the iPad and iPod touch, I unfortunately maxed out my monthly bandwidth allowance on Evernote because it managed to double all entries. Okay, time to try to sync with Google Docs to see what would happen. Unfortunately, I lost a couple of larger PDFs due to the file size limits with Google. I’ve decided I can go without syncing with Evernote for a couple of weeks.

I like the look of Awesome Note, also the ease of use. Syncing is easy. Downside? Can’t clip directly to it, and there is no computer app, but since it will sync with Evernote, I can continue to use Evernote on my desktop. Not as pretty, but it’s the data that counts.

Also, restoring data from a backup does not overwrite the existing data, but adds to it. Rather than trying to wade through 900+ entries to delete the 450+ duplicates, it was easier to delete the app, download a fresh copy and restore from a backup. (When playing with new apps — as Calvin would say  — backup, backup, backup.) One of these days they’ll get it right, and hopefully they’ll add iCloud support. Still, it does give me network-free access to my notes and clippings, and $8.98 is a lot cheaper than $45 a year.

FInally, Happy Hannukah to all from The MacGroup 5.



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One Response to Awesome Note

  1. TheGooch says:

    Have you noticed that if you edit an aNote folder in Evernote, Awesome Note creates a duplicate folder ending with “_” for the name? It’s really bugging me. These 2 apps do not play well together.