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Even the birds can’t be angry about this.

It has been reported that on Christmas Day, the app Angry Birds was downloaded 6.5 million times. Some of those downloads were paid, some free.

Here’s hoping that the majority of those Christmas present downloads were to iDevices.

Angry Birds first appeared in the App Store in December of 2009. And in this short amount of time, Angry Birds has reached the 500 million download milestone with its three different flavor apps: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

Company Rovio has released statistics about the game, amongst them:

  • 200,000 years of Angry Birds has been played
  • 300 million of minutes of playing time daily

Let’s hope this is after homework is done, not during work hours, and definitely not while driving.

So, the question may not be why are these birds so angry, but why are these birds so addictive?

Well, someone tackled that question, quite in-depthly, citing key features of:

  • Simple yet engaging interaction concept
  • Cleverly managed response time
  • Short-term memory management
  • Mystery
  • Sound
  • How things look

For the in-depth article see:
Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular: a cognitive teardown of the user experience

When I got hooked on Bejeweled, I said goodby to my family. Was I one of those who downloaded on Christmas Day? No, I did it the day before.


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