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F           R         I         D        A        Y   !



Yep that super sexy wonderful day of the week when I switch my hats from Weekday employee to Weekend Warrior but not in the battle sense. Remember the sixties and seventies ” Make Love Not War” ….Now where did I put that Army jacket with the Peace sign on it?




Anyway to get down to business. I am actually working a project today dealing with backup and it is “In Progress” so I am going to defray  a full story till next week. HOWEVER, it does not defray you or me from doing a regular backup. So don’t bypass the opportunity to protect yourself. Do it now….. and Save!



Musical Selection for aggravation deflection


This week I will pass on the music for my favorite commercial I saw last week. When the world restarts I am sure Barry Manilow will be the choice for the National Anthem.  It’s the guy that offers up at the end I just love. Enjoy.







Check out the “Internet Advisor Show”
on 760 WJR on Saturday 2/11/2012 for “all things tech” between 3 and 5 PM EST. Join Foster, Gary, Ed and I, the usual gang of suspects.





If you are in the Detroit area this weekend, check out an annual tradition. It’s the weekend of the Motown WinterBlast in downtown Detroit. Winter activities like snowshoeing, sledding, roasting marshmallows, bands, and of course ice skating at Campus Martius. Most activities are free, and there are great figure skating exhibitions (especially Sunday) from local area figure skating clubs. Check it out for great family fun or a reason to hold that sweetheart closer to keep warm.  C Ya!


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One Response to In Progress ………………………….

  1. Mike Perry says:

    Hey, I’m no Obama fan and I didn’t vote for him, but even I don’t think that the last three years have been quite as bad as that Chevy commercial seems to suggest.