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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

I recently finished reading this biography. While I expected it to be a fascinating read, I didn’t expect to feel so connected to it. I’ve been a user, supporter, lover of Apple products for decades and thinking about “where I was and what I was doing” as I was reading passages in the book had the effect of connecting me even deeper to the whole culture.

Snuggled up with a hot cup of cinnamin spice tea and a down blanket at 3am, engrossed in reading on my iPad became a common occurence. It was truly hard to “put the book down”, while being nice not to have to deal with the normal problems of reading a paper book; like holding it open or adding a light source when it gets dark.

There are many points in this book that stay with you when you read about Steve Jobs. For me, while I’ve often read about his meticulous attention to detail and wanting to also “design” the user experience, it wasn’t until reading about it that it made such an impact.

I won’t spoil your reading experience by giving away book details. All I can say is, love him or not, it’s a great read. And, as tomorrow would have been his birthday, I’m putting out into the universe to wish his family well on a day that will be of great meaning to them.



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3 Responses to User Experience

  1. An amazing man. He certainly has changed my life. I intend to read this book.

  2. Yvonne says:

    I read the book on my kindle. It was a great story.

  3. Dan DeRyckere says:

    Amen. I couldn’t put the ‘book’ (iPad) down either. A great story well told. I have been an Apple user since the Apple IIe was introduced, and you are right—the book makes Steve Jobs so very real. He changed the world.