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Whether you like Facebook or hate Facebook there is no denying that it’s the largest social networking site on the planet. However, Apple hasn’t done a lot to integrate Facebook support into the Mac OS or iOS as they have with Twitter. If you look at iOS 5 you’ll see Twitter support throughout. Also if you look at the upcoming Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, you’ll also see native support for Twitter in the OS. Sure I’m a Twitter user and appreciate having Twitter integrated in the OS itself, but I’m also a Facebook user and would love to see the same level of integration in the OS that Twitter is getting.


More people post photos to Facebook daily than any other place and while Apple DOES have direct Facebook posting in iPhoto, this level of built-in support hasn’t made it to iOS or anywhere else for that matter. Status updates and sharing links would also be appreciated. I’m not sure if there is a technical limitation or one of a business nature, but I just find it surprising that Apple would favor Twitter over Facebook considering the disparate size differences between the two networks.

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3 Responses to What does Apple have against Facebook?

  1. Jack Beckman says:

    It may be that they can’t come to mutually agreeable terms. Look at Ping in iTunes – reports are that initially that was Facebook integration, but Facebook wanted a ton of $$$ for that, and Apple wasn’t prepared to pay. So this might be a case of “What does Facebook have against Apple?” (and the answer might be a simple as “Apple won’t pay us what we think we’re worth”).

  2. Duncan says:

    I recall Steve Jobs once saying that Facebook wanted shared access to Apple’s customer information which Apple was not prepared to share; they having millions of real paying customers with real bank accounts as opposed to Facebook’s millions of 14 year old account holders with minimal pocket money.

  3. etype says:

    look, I don’t want facebook polluting my OS. I don’t want those shysters anywhere near me…i do not want to delete them from my apps or OS, do not want them anywhere near, and I don’t want them to think they have a # on me on the web because I use OSX.
    Not integrating with facebook is simply catering to customer needs.