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There’s a great feature of Macs that I would love to see the iPad take advantage of, and that’s  “Back to My Mac.”

If you aren’t familair withBack to My Mac, it’s a feature of iCloud that allows you to connect to your Mac remotely from another Mac anywhere in the world.  So say you needed a file (and you didn’t put it in a shared space like DropBox or iCloud), you could use the Finder to connect to your Mac and copy the file.  Another feature lets you use screen sharing to your Mac if you need to do something on your system at home.

I don’t mean I want to remote control my iPad from somewhere else. I ‘d like to see the iPad be able to do the screen sharing to your Mac at home though. Now, if you know how to set up a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connection to your home – and know your home IP address -you can do this by purchasing a third-party screen sharing program. Some of those programs can also do some of the work for you if you run a “helper” app on your desktop so you don’t need to figure out the VPN and IP.

But this stuff is already built into your Mac. All you would need is the iPad app (I say “all you need” but I’m sure it’s not trivial – but Apple does already have the code).

So what would you do with it? Well, look at the popularity of programs that let your iPad connect up to Office apps, so you can run the full version of Word Or Excel and not a partial version via iWork or another program.  Well, all those programs are doing is remoting into a system and running the Office program full screen. You could do that’ll yourself to you’re own computer rather than pay for access to someone else’s machine.

But for now, you can’t do that without a third-party program. So you’ll need to pay someone, either for access to your system or theirs.


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One Response to You Can’t Do That

  1. mike salesin says:

    try the logmein (free) app on the iPad after you set it on the iMac. works great, even has multiple monitor support.