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We all know that MobileMe is going away the end of June. Many have moved to iCloud, but there are many more who are putting it off as long as possible. To help make the transition easier to accomplish and understand, those great folks at Take Control Books have published a nice addition to your tech/reference library — Take Control of iCloud, written by the Senior Editor of TidBITS and one of my favorite tech authors, Joe Kissell. The book has been around for a few months, but an update was released just last week.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I like my books in digital format. This one, like the rest of the Take Control library, is available in print or digital. The big advantage? As Apple changes and tweaks iCloud, the digital version can be updated. I have it on my iPad (in iBooks), and thanks to DropBox (listed as an alternative to iDisk) I also have it on my Nook Tablet.

Joe Kissell has a talent for distilling information into concise, understandable writing. Authors who take five paragraphs to say what can be condensed to one paragraph drive me nuts. I read technical books to learn. Save the verbosity for fiction.

Take Control of iCloud leads you through setting up, migrating from MobileMe, understanding iCloud automatic downloads, making the most of Photo Stream and the rest, all the way to troubleshooting iCloud problems. There is also a section on replacements for lost MobileMe features. I knew some of them, but Joe listed a couple that I missed. I’m currently trying out one of his suggested replacements for the MobileMe Photo Galleries.

If you are looking for good, easy to understand information about moving to iCloud, check out Take Control of iCloud. In fact, check out all of the available titles from Take Control Books. They are some of the best available, and if you’re not sure, you can always download a free sample that includes the table of contents. At the very least, check out the TidBITS website. You won’t be sorry.

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    Thanks Phyl,
    (Losing iDisk is just killing me.)