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I still need to get my photos from my mobile devices to my computer…


Years ago, at a family party, there were a few of us gathered in one side of the room showing off the apps on our iPhones. Joyfully, getting quite a kick out of the things this great new phone could do. Did I mention that I was a geek, and happy to be one?….

One of the apps I showed off was Bump. Bump was a wonderful easy-to-use-free contact sharing tool—when it seemed like all the other contact sharing apps made you jump through hoops. Bump allows you to send contact info by launching the app and just bumping two iPhones together. It was fun.

Now, Bump will help you get photos to your computer in much the same manner, bumping your iPhone to your computer. No, kidding.

First you have to set things up:

  • Have the Bump app on your iPhone
  • From the iPhone Settings > Bump > Turn on Location Services
  • Bump will then be able to access your Photos and Photostream
  • Choose the photos you would like to copy to your computer


  • Go to the Bump webpage:
  • You must choose “Allow” > Keep the web browser as the forefront app
  • Tap your iPhone on the spacebar of your computer
  • The chosen photos will show up in the web page
  • Drag/Drop or Download them to your desktop


Still fun, still easy, still free.

See the gallery below for screenshots.



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