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There are a bunch of iOS apps available for working with PDFs on the iPad, but a new one was released over the weekend — Cabinet – A Better PDF reading, Review and Annotation Experience. It’s only $.99 at the moment, but will be going up to $4.99 this coming weekend, so grab it while you can. I did, and it is now my iPad PDF app of choice.

It’s easy to use. Mark-up tools can be called up easily, and you have your choice of eraser, marker, pencil, arrow, and typewritten note. Press anywhere on the document and a circular palette with the tools pops up, move to the tool of your choice, select line weight and color, then go to work. Want a typewritten sticky note? Select the Type tool, then tap on the point where you want the note. Want to move the note? Just grab and move.

One of the greatest features is the ability to collaborate in real time with others on your network. Annotate the same document together from different iPads. I haven’t seen any other app that does this. Support for Dropbox and other cloud sync services is in the works, as is the ability to automatically convert DOC, PPT and RTF documents to PDF. In the meantime, if you have Printopia installed on your computer you can still send to Dropbox or Sugarsync’s Magic Briefcase.

Set up folders to organize your documents within Cabinet. Drag and drop to reorganize. Cabinet comes with multiple start-up notebooks. Duplicate them, change the names, password protect your documents. Easy. Cabinet does more than I can cover in this little article, but please check it out. I think you’ll like it.

Please note, there is one very negative review in the iTunes store, but I have not experienced the problems outlined. And for the record, I’m using it on a 1st generation iPad.

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  1. E says:

    Hi Phyllis,
    You might want to try writepdf as well, I definitely favour this one!