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Microsoft “announced” that they will be producing their own, Microsoft-branded tablets. I say “announced” because it seems they forgot to mention a few things – like price, battery life, actual availability dates…

If you’re a Microsoft partner, like Dell or HP, you’re looking at another possible Zune scenario. You might remember how thrilled the partners in Microsoft’s music store at the time were when the Zune was announced. ¬†Realistically, if you are in the market for a Windows 8 tablet, why wouldn’t you buy the Microsoft one over some OEM version? Which one is less likely to have piles of crapware on it? Which is less likely to not have weird, hard to manage drivers?

Of course, since this is Microsoft, they have to make things confusing. While the ARM version of the tablet will have Office included, it is a version licensed for home/student/non-commercial use only – so you can’t use it at work. The more expensive Intel version of the tablet won’t come with Office, since you can buy a normal copy at retail. ¬†Guess they are worried about Office sales.

The whole thing seems like a bit of a desperation move – “don’t buy an iPad, we have our own pad coming! Really!” Personally, I’m not a fan of companies announcing products so far in advance that they can’t even price it for you. Get back to me when you have something you can sell me.


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2 Responses to Same Old Song and Dance

  1. Sue Berke says:

    Why is it that Apple users feel the need to constantly bash Microsoft, their products, and their customers? Is that the only way Apple followers can feel good about themselves? Seems to me that this smacks of a deep-seated inferiority complex on the Apple side.

    Why can’t we accept that there are choices in this world and that people have the right to select the choice they prefer. This constant bashing is getting as bad as the constant fight between Democrats and Republicans, and eventually the substance of the differences gets lost in the bashing.

    Because of the constant attacks of Apple people against the Microsoft world, I have not bought an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac computuer. I did buy an iPod, and I must say, I have been very disappointed with that purchase decision..

    • Jack Beckman says:

      Well, if you have read my blog for awhile, you’ll notice that I also rake Apple over the coals when it deserves it. So this isn’t about making me “feel good about myself” – it’s about the fact that MS gavel us half a presentation to try and get some mindshare since they won’t have product for awhile – something they have done for years. As a matter of fact, depending on some of those missing items – battery life and price – I might buy a Surface, as some of what was show was interesting.

      Not buying Apple products because some Apple people (and, I agree, some do this as a reflex) have unkind things to say about MS isn’t exactly keeping an open mind. You might consider looking at facts rather than using other people’s prejudices to determine what you buy.