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I don’t care too much for sitting, even while I work…

As I stand here waiting for the weather to cool down from 98º so that I can go outside and play a few hours of tennis on this 4th of July holiday without getting heat stroke, thought I’d write about my stand.

I used this stand for my MacGroup presentation last month and have gotten a few inquiries on it.

The body is made for movement, so I like to get up off the chair as often as possible even when I have to be in front of my computer working. Besides…sitting for long periods of time has its own laundry-list of evils it attributes to your health.

A few years ago I went hunting for an articulated keyboard that would have a positive ergonomic impact for my wrist and shoulders. What I found was better. A small computer stand, the AKP OfficePro/10.

The AKP OfficePro/10, an Adjustable Keyboard Podium is a lot more versatile than it looks. I ended up purchasing one of these and here are the things I love about it:

  1. It’s mobile: I place my laptop, full-size external keyboard and trackball, on it and it goes from room to room.
  2. It’s mobile: I can break it down and take it with me on work outings. I don’t like to sit while I present or train, and unless I’m going off to a computer lab, most locations have standard tables and podiums, which just aren’t the proper tools.
  3. Adjustable height: Adjusts from sitting position, to standing position. One can’t sit all the time or stand all the time. I can easily and quickly adjust from one position to the other while I work.
  4. There are base extensions that can be added to allow for greater height if needed. Although, once you add an extension, it can’t be removed, it practically fuses to the pedestal. So, you must decide that you really want it on.
  5. The top surface adjusts to 3 positions: Negative tilt, Level, Positive tilt. This was the feature that cast my purchase for this unit. This allows me to type in multiple wrist tilts depending on if I’m standing or sitting.
  6. The AKP OfficePro/10’s surface top sits off-center of the supporting base, allowing for a cantilever-type use. See the video on the web page, it’s easier to watch than explain.
  7. I can bring the AKP OfficePro/10 right up to my lap, close and snug, so that my arms are not reaching out to the keyboard when I type. Another ergonomic plus.
  8. It’s compact. I can store this unit out of the way, underneath my workstation when I’m not using it.

The AKP OfficePro comes in three versions. Go to their website and check them out. The AKP OfficePro/10 has been a wonderful addition. For me, comfort and ergonomic health are important items in my everyday life, regardless of what I’m doing. When health is down everything takes a back seat, so I consider finding this to be a real gem for the long run.

And four years later, it still works great for me.

Check out how others have used the AKP OfficePro products:

(But the temperature seems to be going in the wrong direction, it’s 101º now.)
P.S. Then it started to rain, then it started hailing (no joke), then it kept raining. 🙁
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4 Responses to Take a Stand

  1. Linda King says:

    Hi Chita,

    I hope you are well. Thank you for this nice article on the The AKP OfficePro/10. I am going to look into one.

    Linda King

  2. Linda King says:

    I ordered the Office Pro 20. Great price right now.