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Organizing your thoughts takes on different shapes…


I have always been a fan of Mind Mapping apps.

They allow for a more free-flowing documentation of thinking. After all, ideas don’t line up in a singular fashion in your head like ducks in-a-row. Ideas and thoughts are usually borne of other ideas and thoughts and branch off like a massive tree.

I have a mind-mapping app on my computer, but had a greater need for one on my iPad, now that the iPad is firmly attached at my hip. The same mind-mapping app was not as inspiring in its iPad version, so I went in search of another, and found iThoughtsHD.

I’d read some about this app, but I’ve learned to go deeper than the descriptions and ratings in the app store. The website for iThoughtsHD has extensive tutorials and images that give a really good walk-thru of the app features. There is an iThoughts for iPhone, but iThoughtsHD was built specifically for use on the iPad. From these tutorials, I could really determine if the app would work for my needs. After spending time on the site, I was sold and actually excited about how I could use this app. I purchased it and immediately went to work on my project.

Some of the features I like in iThoughtsHD are:

  • Insertion of images.
    I was excited that pictures could be added to my mind-maps.
    After all, we are visual creatures.
  • Organization of topics and subtopics and relationships is very easy.
  • Notes could be added to each topic or subtopic entry.
  • Editing topic text, color, size is easy
  • Libraries of graphics, icons, shapes, tasks, etc., are included with the app
  • Text editing and navigation was intuitive
  • Task management
  • Link creation
  • Auto-save
  • I could email, export or download a PDF of the mind-map
Fun and easy to use.

 Gallery of screenshots

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