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For some of us, our iDevices have long infiltrated practically every corner of our lives.


In most cases we use them to enhance, here’s an example…

To stay healthy, I try my best to add physical training; cardio and strengthening exercises to the activities I love. For example, I love to play tennis. Most think that tennis is a good activity to build your body up and keep you in good shape. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but without the correct physical exercises to strengthen your body to support this activity, tennis will grind your body down to a pulp.

The repetitiveness of serving can inflame your shoulder muscles. The quick jarring side to side movements can twist up those hip muscles and tighten the IT band down the side of your legs (ouch is an understatement).

With that, my iPad and iPhone are often out on the courts with me. Bookmarked YouTube videos of warmup or strengthening exercises help me find the help I need on and off the court and my iPhone acts as my timer.

Using the iPhone Clock app as a timer that works great—if you just want to countdown once. Then you will have to reset it yourself.

Anyone who does any amount of interval training usually has a little timer attached to their hip or their wrist. And they manually reset it. That’s all fine and dandy, but the preferred ideal is to be hand-free. Interval training is challenging enough—a timer that would free the user from interaction with it until the intervals are complete, awesome.

Over time, I tried several timer apps, but all fell short and none really fulfilled the need—until I found Repeat Timer Pro.

Repeat Timer Pro, or RTP as I’ll call it from here on out, is elegant and easy and got it totally right. It allows set up of a main timer and an interval timer. Once the main timer has run its specified time, the interval timer kicks in, runs its specified time, then the main timer kicks back in. All set to repeat the specified number of times you choose (up to 99).



The entire process can even be paused, or stopped, without having to totally reset the process. You have the option to create a total of 3 separate timers. with various sound effects.

The UI of the app is elegant, intuitive, easy to set up, there are no complicated screens to figure out.

I started using it immediately, to make sure I got up off this chair every 30 minutes, staying up and moving for 5 minutes, while working today. I’ll be using it this evening before I step out onto the courts.

Repeat Timer Pro is $1.99 at the app store, with a Free version for you to try before you buy.



See how this app came to life:




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