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So it’s Saturday instead of Friday




So to answer the question for her. Yes it was yesterday but it will be back again next week.


Backups are so essential. You don’t think so. Pretty darn boring. Something folks never think of doing.

Okay, I could possibly agree with you…… but I won’t



Sure you could say I don’t have anything that important and that may be true but I am going to guess that there is a piece of data that you have that you really want to keep. If you don’t have it backed up and lose it, you will have wished you’d backed up the one piece of data. Give it some thought, and you’ll more than likely agree.


Pretty darn borning

Sure watching a progress bar is not that exciting. Watching paint dry or grass growing. Watching clothes washing…. well … clothes washing is pretty exciting with a front loader …but I digress.

The thing about backups that is not boring is scheduling the backup at a time that you are not being productive on the computer. For example, I find its a great time to schedule a backup of the computer while you are doing something else, like while I am having dinner, watching a movie, out with friends, at work, are you catching my drift… there is not a reason for not backing up. There is just a boat load of ¬†opportunities to do it. So you have been given the insight, do it!


Something folks never think about doing


Yep, we think about buying a computer but lots of time fail to budget in money for a backup schema. So when you go to buy a new computer, you’ll want to buy at least one external hard drive but i recommend two drives and rotate one offsite to keep your data safe. Also consider using low cost or no cost software tools like Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner.


Now for the FlashBack.

I have come across a couple of “pulp based” backups of my credentials with some strange organization that I have been a member for ¬†20 years. Take a look and enjoy. These are some of things that have been part of MacGroup Detroit.

A genuine MacGroup Membership Card



A genuine MacGroup Expo Vendor Pass – This was a really exciting time prior to the popularity of something called the INTERNET. They used to bring vendors to a fair to show their wares. Now you watch videos on YouTube.



Musical Selection for Audio injections.

You are not being “Rick Rolled” I selected this one. Enjoy





See you next time.

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