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MobileMe was a good service that many of you relied on for a variety of things including web hosting and hosting of your photos to share with friends and family. However, at the end of June this year Apple completed its transition from MobileMe to iCloud and shut MobileMe down. Although we as a users group didn’t use MobileMe for our website hosting (good move in hindsight), we did use MobileMe galleries to host our meeting photos. As the end of MobileMe was quickly approaching I had to make a decision as to where to now host our monthly meeting and event photos. There are lots of image hosting sites out there, but the one that seems to be the most integrated with everything is I was already a fan of Flickr for my own photography so I was familiar with how the site worked. Apple also gave the nod to Flickr by incorporating native Flickr sharing right in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. It was already a feature of iPhoto. Not to mention being a feature built-in to Adobe Lightroom (the application that I use to manage all my photos). Yes it was clear that Flickr was the answer.

Moving from MobileMe to Flickr

Apple even did us a favor to make the transition even easier. If you had images hosted on MobileMe, Apple updated iPhoto so that I would automatically pull down all your MobileMe galleries right back into iPhoto. This way even if you didn’t have the original photos anymore, you would now have at least the web versions downloaded back into iPhoto. Although I can upload to Flickr directly from Lightroom, I decided that iPhoto was going to be easier to get the initial albums uploaded that I wanted.


I created a new Flickr account: MacGroupDetroit

Once the account was setup I entered my Flickr login info both into iPhoto and the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar System Prefs. This way I could upload to Flickr from either iPhoto or directly from the Finder. I uploaded a few of the legacy galleries to get started and then I uploaded all the 2012 meeting photos to date.

Flickr is also integrated into Apple TV

Not only can you see our meeting photos by pointing your browser here: but you can also see our photos right on your big screen by adding “macgroupdetroit” (no hypen) as one of your Flickr contacts.

Flickr for iOS

As you would expect there is also a Flickr App for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While Flickr does have their own free App I actually prefer a couple of the third party ones instead.

You can download the FREE Flickr iPhone (it’s a shame that they still don’t have an iPad version) App here:


You can download Flickr Studio (my top pick for iPad) here:

You can download MobileFotos (my top pick for iPhone/iPod touch) here:



The Bottom Line

While not everything that MobileMe offered can be easily replaced yet, I have checked “photo hosting” off my list. Flickr is the most integrated solution into Mac OS as well as several other apps and social media sites. In many ways it has success and community behind it that MobileMe would have never achieved. You can set up your own free Flickr account here:

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