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I was initially disappointed in one of the Safari sharing features implemented in Mountain Lion, until I looked into it further, and found it’s actually pretty nicely implemented.

As you may know, Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) has had “Sharing” added all over the place – you can find the little sharing button all over the system; heck, if you right-click on a file, you’ll get a “Share” menu option.

So no surprise then that the Safari “Send page” option got changed to a “Share” option as well. Previously, you could “Send Page by Email” (which would embed the page directly into the email) or “Send Link by Email” (which, as it says, just put a link to the page in the email). I very rarely ever want to send a page by email – if the other person has email, there’s a fair chance they have access to the web as well, and the page is probably going to display better in their browser than in an email. Also, why send all those extra bytes?

So I was disappointed the first time I hit the “Share” button and selected “Email This Page” – the entire page went into the body of my email, like this:

But wait – what’s on the right?

It’s a drop down, with lots of options:

Change it to “Link Only,” and you get just a link – exactly what I wanted. But there’s a couple of other options as well.

“Reader” is the equivalent of hitting the ‘Reader” button on Safari and then sending that:

Setting it to “PDF” attacheds a PDF to the mail – of course, Mail shows PDFs pretty well, so it’s hard to tell the difference, but right-clicking on the body of the text let’s you work with an attachment, while doing that with “Reader” just works on the text:

In both cases, you get a link to the original page, too.

Best of all? The next time you click on “Email this page,” Mail will remember what you chose and use it for the default. There is a key combination that’s not shown on the menus to send just a link as well – CMD-Shift-I – but I never remember that. So I’m happy Apple isn’t forcing me to send whole pages or remember obscure key combinations to send out my links.


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