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Treasure Hunting

Lately, I’ve spent a fair amount of time browsing through the App Store. I wanted to see what was new or just new to me. It’s always exciting, like a treasure hunt, to see what developers have brought to the table. But, with there now being over a gazillion apps, perusing through the App Store actually can get overwhelming and tiring. Flipping through the screens, tapping to review an app, scrolling up and down back and forth, then flipping back.. And it was also frustrating if you somehow lost your place while going back to the main screen.

Apps can make some aspects of your life easier, but sometimes with Mac apps, you realize how much you need them once you start using them. I realized that what is needed is an app that would make the app search and review process more streamlined for me.

The app I stumbled upon was AppShopper. I first read about it as an app that keeps you updated about apps. Say, if an app is on sale, or is now free. But AppShopper goes much further than that, allowing you to see screen captures and review the app description, even a history of an apps updates and pricing.

While within AppShopper you can review the top paid and free apps, search, sort, and filter, add the app to a wish list, visit the developer website, search categories, even keep a tally of the apps you already own, without ever leaving AppShopper.

AppShopper allows a much easier flow to finding the information I’m looking for and even some information I didn’t know I was looking for. It’s now the first place I go to when shopping for apps.

AppShopper, an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch is a free app available here:







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