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As you may remember from this post, I was pretty surprised by the results of my FireWire 800 vs eSATA test. So when I found another FireWire 800/eSATA drive around, I decided to try my test again.

This drive is still in an enclosure from OWC, a “Mercury Elite Pro.” But this one is for 3.5″ drives. The drive inside is a 3 TB 7200 RPM drive; the one in the smaller enclosure that I used for the first test was also 7200 RPM, but a 500 GB 2.5″ (the one that used to be in the computer before the SSD upgrade).

The FireWire numbers were identical. So imagine my surprise at the eSATA results:

Write is in the same ballpark, but check out the read number! That’s over 50% better than the old eSATA number. So what’s the cause? I guess I’ll need to take apart the enclosures and put the 2.5″ into the larger one (and see if I can get some interface cables to run the 3.5″ drive off the small enclosure’s controller).


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