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Another way to access your iOS Photostream images

Quite a few of the images that I take with my iOS devices end up on my Mac for use elsewhere, like on a blog or for documentation purposes.

The usual ways I get the images into my Mac are to email photos to myself, use the Bump app, or even the Image Capture app after connecting my device to my Mac.

After reading a tip in MacWorld magazine, I can now add another method.

This method involves Photostream and its folder on your Mac.

I do have Photostream activated in the iCloud System prefs, so any image taken with either the iPad or iPhone eventually gets into Photostream once I get to a WiFi connection.

The tip enables access the folder through the Finder with a Saved Search.

The location:


In the “sub” folder can be hundreds of folders that contain the images of your Photostream.

  • Select this “sub” folder and search for image files by typing “kind:image” in the search field.
  • Choose the “Save” button to the right of the Finder window.
  • Name the search.
  • Save in the Sidebar.

This “Smart Search” is now readily available to access the images in your Photostream.





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