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At the last MacGroup meeting, Terry White covered some of the new features in Mountain Lion. One thing that he covered was Notifications and how to get rid of the notices that pop up from subscribed calendars. While that works for Notifications, it didn’t help with the notices from iCloud that kept showing up in Mail.

I subscribe to my daughter’s work calendar, and since migrating to iCloud, every single entry and every entry change resulted in a notice in my email. Can we say ‘annoying’? I tried every setting I could find and so did she, but nothing was working. Out of desperation I finally used Safari to check the iCloud online settings and found another setting. Somehow, when everything was migrated to iCloud the calendar was set to notify me of any changes made. Now, I certainly don’t remember changing any settings there, so I can only guess that it might have been the default when I migrated. If it was, it was a terrible default. Anyway, turning it off “in the cloud” finally silenced it. Chalk it up to another love/hate thing with iCloud.

Another iCloud problem — syncing. Had a problem with Notes and Pages documents. MacBook Air, iPad and iPod touch had no problem keeping my notes in sync. Odd man out in the mix was my iMac. All were set properly, but the iMac was showing only a handful of notes, and those were old ones. The solution turned out to be a simple one. I opened the iCloud preference panel on the iMac, unchecked Notes and Documents, said yes when it asked if I was sure, then rechecked them. That’s all it took. Everything is in sync again.

Using SugarSync for cloud storage? Does it look like you’re running out of space on your SugarSync account? Go online to the website and check the trash. I couldn’t understand why I was almost out of space on my account. File sizes didn’t add up to what I supposedly had — until I checked the online trash. 4+ GB of deleted files? They were deleted for a reason, and it wasn’t to take up space. Emptied the trash and I’m back to plenty of free space. This is one thing that DropBox does better. Deleted files don’t count toward your total space. Are you listening SugarSync?


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One Response to Cloud Storage Love/Hate

  1. Yvonne says:

    Now if they could just keep the icloud email working all would be great.