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As you may have heard by now, Google released a native YouTube app for iPhone. It’s free, and it’s in anticipation of the Apple-supplied app going away in iOS 6, which is expected out very soon (perhaps even today after the Apple announcement). But do you need it?

I downloaded the app, and it’s fine. You can read all about the features at for a full write-up. But it doesn’t really do any more than the HTML5 web pages do for the most part. So why clutter up your device with yet another app?

There are a lot of services that have web pages and native apps. In some cases, the native apps are much better than the web page versions. In this case, not so much. But you still might want to consider downloading – or at least keep it in mind for the future. That’s because it’s certainly possible that Google will enhance the app on a regular basis, and have it do things you can’t do with the web pages.

Apple let the app they produced languish – they and Google haven’t really been “pals” for awhile now. You’ll see the revamped Maps app too, which may or may not be an improvement (I have my opinion after working with it for a while in beta, but since that’s under non-disclosure, I’ll sound off when iOS 6 is out of beta).

Hopefully, this is a new day for a service that a lot of people use quite a bit. But even if you don’t use the app, you can quite easily use the mobile web pages (YouTube brings these up  by default for iOS devices) and won’t miss the old app.


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