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Now that the Messages App is built-in to Mac OS X 10.8 this means that you have an easy way to send files back and forth to not only other Macs but also your iOS Devices. People don’t think twice about sending a picture from one iPhone to another. When iOS 5 hit the scene Apple started routing those messages through iMessage instead of your carrier’s network whenever possible. That’s why some of your messages are in a blue bubble (iMessage) instead of a green bubble (it went through as a text message through your carrier’s network). However, there are times when you may have a file on your computer that you want to put on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Sure you could email it to yourself, but I would dare say it’s faster to launch Messages and drag the file right in and hit send. You’ll get an alert on all of your iDevices and Macs that you’re logged into with Messages and you can then send the file to whichever app you want that can handle it.

From Mac to Mac this allows you to send larger files that would be too big to email. While I wish that iOS devices had AirDrop, they don’t and AirDrop only works with Macs that are near each other. Messages will work across the room or across the globe. Best of all there’s no additional cost and you can send as many as you want.

Use the Messages App

I use the Messages App on Mac OS X throughout the day for the simple reason that it’s much easier typing on my Mac keyboard than my iOS keyboard. Now I use it to send files too. You can drag your file into the text area of the chat you’re currently in or you drag it right onto a contact on the left hand side.

iMessage definitely is cool and I love having it built-in to iOS and Mac OS X now. It also saves money on your text messaging plans for those that don’t have unlimited plans.

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