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Join me as I take a brief walk-thru… by LogMein allows you to collaborate with those on a computer, iPad or iPhone.

It’s awesomely easy, and greatly featured.
Even the free version gives you exactly what you need.
The Pro version gives you even more without denting your wallet.

I spent a few minutes using the program with fellow MacNews contributor Jack Beckman.
I granted him control of my mouse and all worked fine. But we couldn’t hear each other when I selected the Call icon. I wondered why was that since I could hear back and forth just fine when connnected to my iPad. I also have have the mobile app on my iPad.

We found that in order for us to verbally communicate with each other through our devices, he had to have the app also. We couldn’t verbally communicate through a browser window. The link sent out for others to join you, unless they have the app installed, takes them to a browser window to join. If you don’t need sound, this is OK. But I would need it. And the sound clarity was just excellent!

I’ll be taking the Pro version for a run very soon.
Stay tuned!





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