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Bet ya missed me …….I am back because ……….

It’s F R I D A Y !!!!!!



Backup is one of those subjects that is so critical but some find it so un-exciting. Lets face it, every day can’t be exciting. If it was, then there would not be anything exciting. However you will get excited if you have a problem with your device and you lose the data and you don’t have a backup.





Oh my god!


It’s out!!!!


iOS 6


Mac OS X 10.7.5


Mac OS X 10.8.2


Lets just download and update all my devices!


Wait up a minute there, Pilgrim! Let’s make sure we got our horses in the corral.




What is Calvin talking about. Wait … hey the new OS’s are here. Update, Update, Update!


Okay, but first you need to BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP! –and yes I am using CAPS!


Although I have not heard of problems yet ( it’s only been 24 hours ) but you don’t want to find out the hard way.


Prep Time:


Friday is a good day, especially in the evening, to do an update. In case


stuff goes sideways,


paws up,


or grabs a toe tag, you’ll have the weekend to get it fixed.


If you have critical applications, check with the vendor’s website to assure that the version of software or app will work with version you want to update to BEFORE YOU DO THE UPDATE. If it is compatible, you can proceed if you want to. Otherwise you’ll want to wait or buy the compatible version.



Mac OS X –


Best way to do this update is a tip I picked up.


1)   Super Duper


or Carbon Copy Cloner



your Mac to an external hard drive.

2)   Apply the Mac OS X update to the external cloned drive

3)   Run your Mac from the clone drive for a time period that gives you confidence that all of your applications will work with the new update.

4)   Clone your Mac’s internal drive to another external drive

5)   Apply the updates to your internal drive.

In my opinion, this is the best and most safe way to do it.




1)   Connect you iPhone to your Mac. It should start up iTunes

2)   Chances are pretty good that iTunes will tell you there is an update to iOS6, decline the update at this time and let iTunes backup your iPhone

3)   After the backup is successful, disconnect the phone from iTunes and the Mac

4)   Re connect your iPhone to the Mac. iTunes will let you know that the phone needs updating to iOS6. Go ahead and download and install the update.

5)   Test your phone after the update to make sure all needed applications are working for you.


For me, this process works. It keeps the sobbing, screaming, kicking, and cussin from happening when ever I update my Mac or iPhone.



Musical Selection


Okay, along with a Million other crazy people I decided a Korean video would be just great to see. I just decided not to go Gangnam Style with PSY. Twinkle Twinkle little stars.





Radio Days


Well that Michigan State football season is back. That means our live shows will be spotty broadcasted for the next couple of months. However, you can still catch our weekly podcast or if you are around the state, rebroadcasts on our other stations.

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Have a GREAT day!

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