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I admitted long ago that I am a confirmed Applephile. They make the best computers. They make the best portable audio and video players. They also make the best operating systems. When I’m hit with the “but they’re so much more expensive” line, I have to admit that, yes, in the beginning they can be more expensive, but they last and are cheaper in the long run. How many of you can say that you have a 20 year old computer — that still works. My Mac Classic will be 20 years old in November, and yes people, it still boots up. Now, I admit that I don’t use it often, but every so often one of my friends comes across a 400 K floppy and wants, for whatever reason, the files on said floppy. And sometimes I just want to hear the original Talking Moose. When was the last time you saw a computer that could read 400 K floppies?

My iPods? Okay, I probably have too many, but again, they don’t die. My iPod mini is now 8 years old. I had the battery replaced a few years ago, and while the current battery again needs to be replaced, it works nicely permanently docked on my clock radio. It still plays everything. It just needs an external power source. And yes, I’ve tried other audio players, but they can’t compare.

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 and the new updated iPods they also announced — finally — their new EarPods. Yep, that’s EarPods, not earbuds. They look strange, but I like them. The old earbuds have been around since the first iPod. The only thing that seemed to change was the length of the cable. You either loved them or hated them. I found them comfortable and easy to wear as long as they had those little foam covers to keep them from slipping out of my shallow ears. I’ve lost track of how many foam covers I’ve had. I tend to lose them. A lot. I can’t stand earphones that fit into the ear canal. I’ve never found any that fit comfortably.

Early reviews of the new EarPods were mostly favorable, so I decided to give them a try. I couldn’t ask for a better fit. Thanks to the odd shape, they hang nicely without falling out. I don’t find myself constantly fiddling with the angle to get consistent volume. The inline remote works flawlessly with all but my earliest iPods. They come packaged in their own little carrying case. It’s a nice add-on for those who don’t use them constantly, but I’ll probably just tuck the case in a drawer. To say I use my earphones a lot is putting it mildly. Seems like I always have an audiobook (or two) going. While I haven’t done extensive testing with the inline mic, it seems to work nicely. I tested it on my 1st gen iPad with Dragon Dictation and Voice Memos and on my 4th gen iPod touch with Quick Record. Dragon didn’t lose a word, and the voice recordings were clear.

Finally, it’s time for the MacGroup Five to reappear. It seems like one thing Apple lovers have in common is that we like to have fun. That’s the way we like it – uh huh, uh huh.


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  1. Very useful info. Thanks. Great nutso vid!

  2. calvin says:

    I can only say —– Leave it to Phyllis! Fhun Knee!