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I remember when I got the 1st iPod and of course the iconic white earbuds that came with it. They hurt my ears so bad that I couldn’t stand them. Apple has since then adjusted the size and made minor adjustments to the standard earbuds included with all iDevices, but these earbuds weren’t going to win any awards for comfort. I ultimately bit the bullet and bought their more expensive, but much more comfortable “Apple In-Ear Headphones and Remote Mic”. These at least came with different size ear gels and were much more comfortable to wear.

How are the new Earpods?

When I got my iPhone 5, it came with the new Apple EarPods. I took them out of the box, but them in my ears and said “yeah these are better”. However, I took them off and started setting up my new iPhone. They sat on my desk until now. Yesterday I decided to give them a bit more of an extended test and actually pump some music through them. I must say that I’m impressed. Not only is the sound good (for earbuds), but they feel great. It’s almost like not having earbuds in your ears. They don’t feel like they’re going to fall out at any minute or that they aren’t in far enough. Of course everyone’s ears are different and you’d have to try them for yourself, but I’d say there’s no further reason to buy the more expensive In Ear Headphones. I’ll probably replace the more expensive ones with these new EarPods as my new travel headphones. While I’ll always prefer my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headphones for air travel, there are times when I don’t have room to carry them and these new EarPods will definitely be what I use instead.

You can pick up a set here.

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