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Apple makes a lot of things easy. However, when it comes to downloading and installing software from sites outside the Mac App Store, it’s not as straight forward as you would think it should be. This is largely due to a process that is not necessarily intuitive or straight forward. For example, some software you download has an actual installer while others simply need you drag the software into your Applications folder. In either case there is usually the issue of what to do afterwards. The clean up process of unmounting the disc image and throwing it away. Let me walk you through it.

Let’s say that I want to install the App SuperDuper! First I go to the website and click the download link.

The file you downloaded will be in your Downloads folder by default. It will most likely be a .dmg (disc image file).

Double click on the disc image to mount it as a disc/drive on your desktop.

At this point you will either have an App that you drag into your Applications folder or an installer that will install it for you. In the case of SuperDuper! you drag it into your Applications folder and it will copy it there.

Your App is installed and now you need to unmount the disc image. The easiest way to do this is to right-click into the window of the disc image and choose Eject.

Lastly if you no longer need the installer that you downloaded you can drag it to the trash from your Downloads folder.

Installing software from the Mac App Store is infinitely easier and doesn’t require you to do any clean up. However, as long as we still have to do installs of software outside of the Mac App Store you’ll need to do the steps above.

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