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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over but the deals on merchandise will continue for at least the next few weeks. And you don’t have to experience anywhere near the nightmare Cal did last week to get one.

Some deals you might be interested in also come in the form of software, Mac App Store Deals and Bundles.

First, let’s take at “$2 Tuesday“, which offers up apps for $1.99 that normally sell for higher or much higher. Usually, there’s one primary featured app and three other secondary apps for you to review.

Two Dollar Tuesday aims to help Mac users discover great Mac App Store apps at amazing discounts.”

Then to follow it up, the fun continues on the $2 Tuesday site, with “$1 Wednesday.” Where another primary app is featured and three other secondary apps, all for .99ยข

When you visit the site, select the ‘More Deals” link to see other great Mac App deals, at very deep discounts.



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