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I’m still looking for a portable speaker to replace the one that died. I recently placed the Jabra Solemate portable speaker on my Wish List and now another has been added.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the iHome iW3.

iW3 Side

This speaker is a little different from my initial requirements for a portable speaker. My first set of criteria were Bluetooth and the ability to take it outside.

The iW3 is an inside only and AirPlay speaker, but I decided to give it a try.

It wasn’t hard to set up, just read the instructions.  🙂

You’ll need to download the companion app, iHome Setup, and initially connect the unit with its USB cable to your iPhone/iPad. This allows you to first set up the speaker and connect to your Wi-Fi network so other iDevices or iTunes, can stream to it using AirPlay.

You also have the option to use the speaker connected directly with the USB cable to an iDevice or to use the auxiliary jack to connect to other devices.

The iW3 is roughly 5”w x 9”h x 5”d, has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, with a charging dock that the unit just sits on. You lift the unit off of the dock with the handy “carry handle” built into the design at the back of the unit. The dock will also charge any iDevice connected to it with the USB cable.

Control buttons are at the top of the unit that allow you to change volume, advance to the next or previous audio file, connect to Wi-Fi, etc., or you can control from your iDevice.

You can also connect up to three iW3 speakers to have the same audio playing simultaneously, in different parts of your home/office. For this, iTunes has to be the source. iDevices can only stream to one AirPlay enabled device at a time.

So far, the unit seems to play on battery power about 6 hours before needing to be recharged. And, the iW3 unit has occasionally locked up. There’s instructions in the manual for if this happens. Reset the unit.

And the most important feature, the sound.
The iW3 definitely fills the room with impressive sound for its size and being a portable speaker.

The iW3 presently retails for $199.99
For more about the iHome iW3:



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2 Responses to The Wishlist Continues…

  1. Dany Richer says:

    Hi Chita,

    I bought an iW3 but I am not able to connect it with my Apple Time Capsule. All other components Apple TV, iPhone, Macbook Pro are working well with the Time Capsule. I need help!