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In 2006 OfficeMax got together with the crew at JibJab and came up with a customizeable holiday video they called Elf Yourself. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I can’t resist JibJab. I’ve tortured my fellow MacGroup columnists with my holiday videos for the last couple of years. They’re good sports to put up with me.

This year, ElfYourself by OfficeMax was release as an iApp. Use it on your iPhone or iPad, with photos from your photo album or take new ones with the built-in camera. You can have up to 5 elves. The Hip-Hop version is free, and you can add Soul, 80’s, Charleston or Classic for $.99 each. ¬†You can post the finished movie on Facebook, email it to someone or just save it to the Photo roll. GIve it a try. Show your family and friends why we love our iPhones & iPads.

This is the Classic version, done on my iPad mini.


This one was done 3 years ago.


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One Response to Time for Something Fun

  1. Great Christmas greeting. JibJab is irresistible.