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It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got around to rebuilding our website ( with a more modern tool. Our old site had been built years ago by a colleague of mine in Adobe GoLive. He basically setup the structure or template if you will and I updated it each month from that point on. I was content to keep using GoLive as long as it “worked” since the product has been discontinued for years. While it does still work, I did run into a deal breaker with the upgrade to Photoshop CS6. With the latest version of Photoshop the GoLive “Smart Objects” feature no longer worked for me. Since that was one of main reasons I was sticking with a GoLive site, I decided that it was time to move on. While Adobe Dreamweaver is the “pro” tool of choice, I’m not really a web designer and my code knowledge is at a basic level at best. I decided that Adobe Muse had come far enough along and that I’d give it a try on this site.


The results

I’m quite pleased with the results! While it was a bit tedious having to re-build a site from scratch, it was actually not hard at all. I also took advantage of the new “Layouts” feature of Muse and built layouts optimized from tablets and smartphones too. Now that the hard work is done it’s just a matter of tweaking and updating from here on out.

The site also seems to load much faster than the old one! I’ll be going over Adobe Muse and how this site was built at our January meeting.


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4 Responses to Rebuilt with Adobe Muse

  1. Mike Perry says:

    I’d love to have a website building tool that works like my beloved InDesign, but my little publishing business can’t afford the rental cost. It doesn’t get that much traffic, so I’m stuck with RapidWeaver, which I don’t particularly enjoy.

    Why not a marketing plan where, if someone owns one or more of Adobe’s high-end products, they can add Muse for say $50. Or, since the two work similarly, why not package Muse with InDesign in the next upgrade cycle?

  2. Would love to see how you redid the site (or some part of if) with Muse when you demo at the January meeting. It looks just great.

  3. Gary Molnar says:

    I need to build a website for a friend and haven’t done it before, This meetings topic is just what I was looking for.