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Hopefully, the holiday shopping season treated you well…

You finally got that larger external hard drive at a price you liked.
Now, you just need directions on how to transfer your present TIme Machine backups to your new larger external drive…

Time Machine Backup Transfer to a Larger Hard Drive:
First, take a look at your existing TIme Machine drive using Disk Utility.

Look to see how the EXISTING drive is formatted. The NEW drive must be formatted exactly as the existing drive for the existing Time Machine backups to copy over.

In addition to formatting the new drive as Mac OS Extended (journaled) with a GUID partition, you’ll also need to ascertain if your existing Time Machine drive is formatted as “Case-sensitive.” (Which will happen if Time Machine initially formatted that drive for use.)

Time Machine Case Sensitive

So, your existing drive is:
Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive journaled)
GUID partition

Then, your new drive will be formatted as:
Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive journaled)
GUID Partition (
With whatever name you give it.

After your new drive is formatted:
Select the drive >
File menu > Get info (Command+I)
At the bottom of the Get Info window >
Sharing and Permissions section >
Make sure the “Ignore Ownership on this Volume” checkbox is unchecked
If this is left checked, you will get a message that you will not be able to use this drive as a Time Machine backup drive, when you try to copy over.
If this checkbox is checked and grayed out >
Click inside the “Name and Extension” field >
This should then make the checkbox available to you.

Open System Preferences:
Time Machine Preferences Pane >
Turn Off Time Machine

Open up two Finder windows:
In one Finder window > From the Sidebar >
Select the current Time Machine drive
In the other Finder window > From the Sidebar >
Select the new drive

Copying the Time Machine Backups:
From the Finder window with the current Time Machine Backup >
Drag the folder “Backups.backupdb” into the window of the new, larger, drive.
This is where you would see the warning “The volume has the wrong case sensitivity”, and would not be able to continue with the copying process if the drives are not formatted with the same sensitivity. (Google it).
Enter administrator name/password > OK

Depending on the size of your existing Time Machine back, this copying process to the new larger drive could take a few to many hours. I suggest overnight, while you sleep.

Time Machine Latest to Now

Completing the transfer:
After the copying process has completed >
Go back to Time Machine Preferences >
Choose “Select Disk” > Select the new larger drive >
Choose > “Use Backup Disk”











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