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Recently, I was asked to help a friend update the software on his iMac. He has been holding off moving up to Mountain Lion because there were potential problems with QuickBooks Pro. Since the financial records for both his and his wife’s businesses are kept on this machine, we decided it might be best to wait until fiscal year end. Once his bookkeeper finished her year-end work, we downloaded the latest version of QuickBooks, then installed both upgrades — after, of course, creating a fresh, bootable backup. I never make major upgrades without first doing a fresh backup. The one you don’t do is the one you will absolutely need. Murphy’s Law.

All went well, and we proceeded to weed out the old, odd apps that needed Rosetta to run. There always seem to be a few of those. While trying to install the latest version of PhotoShop Elements, we kept getting a message that we needed to quit ShellExtLoader before the installation could proceed. ??? Couldn’t find it. I even checked Activity Monitor. (Odd fact — it shows in Activity Monitor on my iMac, but not my MacBook Air. Have no idea why). Tried to “Kill” it using Terminal, but that didn’t work. Next step  Google it!

What I found through Google is that the mystery file is a part of the inner workings of SugarSync. Quitting SugarSync was all it took for the installation to proceed without problem.


When you run into a mystery message, deal with it the easy way. Just Google it. You may have to go through a few pages to find the pertinent information, but it should be there. If you have the problem, chances are that a whole bunch of others have had the same problem. Benefit from their experiences. Spare yourself a headache. Don’t like Google? Use your search engine of choice. You might be surprised at the wealth of information out there.

And now, in honor of the Detroit Red Wings home season opener:


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