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I record a lot of tutorials using Screenflow on my Mac and I try to keep distracting things out of the picture (tutorial) so that people watching can focus on the content. One of the ways I achieve this is that I’ve created a special User Account in Mac OS X that I log into to do demos and recordings. This way I won’t have any annoying popups for things like emails, instant messaging/iMessages, etc. While this works well, it still doesn’t clean up the variety of icons on my menubar that have nothing to do with the recording.

Mac Bartender to the rescue


Before Mac Bartender



After Mac Bartender

One of my colleagues turned me on to Mac Bartender. This application allows you to configure which icons will show up or won’t show up on the menu bar. You still have access to everything, but you can quickly hide all the non-essentials.
You can grab Mac Bartender here.

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