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Good Time to Buy!…

In week 3 of Apple’s Getting Stuff Done promotion, the following Utility and Productivity apps are featured:


  • 1Password: Saves your usernames and passwords (50% off)
  • Snagit: Screen Capture (50% off)
  • Yoink: Drag/Drop Utility
  • Fantastical: Calendar App (50% off)
  • Clarify: Image Capture Utility
  • Keycard: Security Utility
  • PopClip: Text editing Utility (40% off)
  • mSecure: Security Utiility (50% off)
  • Soulver: More than just a calculator (35% off)
  • Dropzone: Productivity Utility (50% off)


Apple’s Getting Stuff Done promotion ends tomorrow.



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One Response to Getting Stuff Done – Utilize

  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    A vote for Dropzone. I bought it a few months ago and use it on a daily basis. I don’t use the desktop circles, just the menu bar icon.