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I recently found an app that I wish had been around years ago. I can’t count the number of phone calls I’ve received from my less organized friends, crying because they know they saved that important document, but they can’t find it. They’re certain that it was named “whatever” and was saved in the right folder, but it’s just not there. Help, please! Want help? Install Trickster.

Yes, you can use Spotlight and other apps to search by setting up the proper search criteria when you’re not positive of the file name, but Trickster simplifies the process. In fact, if set up properly, it makes finding those elusive files a true no-brainer. It’s not free, but at $9.95 it won’t break the bank. Oh, and you can try it free for 14 days.

This is what you see when you click on the menubar icon:

Trickster Help

Search all files or by type. Can’t remember which app you used to make a backup of that new DVD? Yep, recently used apps are listed, too. Sort alphabetically or by most recent.

Default folders to be watched are in your home directory, but if, like me, you keep your documents in sub-folders in the main documents folder, it’s easy to add that folder under File tracking settings. Add as many locations as you need, even on external drives.


Excluding file types is as easy as clicking the gear at the right edge of that line and select exclude (file, file type or folder).



If you tend to lose track of saved file locations, download the demo version of Trickster and give it a try. It’s a time saver. Setting up a new Mac for a relative who is not computer savvy? Buy them a copy and save yourself from those “Help!” calls.

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