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Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend…



Your clocks will move forward an hour…

…And you might not be too happy about losing an hour of precious sleep.

As you go through this first week of DST, a little groggier than last week, you still have to account for your time.
To yourself or to your boss, which sometimes may be one-in-the-same.

Here are a few time management, timekeeping, billing and project management apps to keep your large or small business on time.




Project Planner and Task Manager

Flexible planning, Manage multiple plans, Integrate with your Calendars
Works with iPad and iPhone.
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Mobile Billing with PDF Invoice

Timewerks is a time tracking and invoicing application for freelancers, consultants, contractors, lawyers, salespeople, or anyone who needs to track time, materials and send invoices— all from your iPhone or iPod touch.
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Know When to Go

GoTime syncs with your iPhone calendar and address book and uses your iPhone GPS to determine the travel time to upcoming calendar events. GoTime alerts you before you need to leave for appointments and then shows you where to go. GoTime keeps travel time estimates up-to-date based on your current location, even if that location changes throughout the day.
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Hour Tracking and Invoicing Professional

Time Vault at its core is a Time Tracking application, but with an extensive list of features it is to become much more than a simple Hour Tracking app. Time Vault is an application created for the iPad that allows users of all backgrounds to record, track, and organize their day to day life or events all in one place. Time Vault lets users create a Log Book to keep track of hours and tasks or activities by either specifying a start and stop time or by entering a time duration. For the professional or business users they can also assign an hourly rate to the task to be able to create an invoice or report for work they have done or for work that they are having done.  Each Log Book can contain as many Milestones as they need, which serve as a way for grouping up tasks and jobs however a user see fit.
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Time Sheet

Track the time you work, export to your computer as and Excel file.
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Want to find out where your time is going?

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One Response to It’s About Time—Yours

  1. Art in LA says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been using OfficeTime for Mac OS for time tracking. It’s pretty solid. Available for iOS too.