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Our computers, laptops, scanners, printers, external drives, external DVD burners, iPods, iPhones, iPads, external USB hubs, …


…external monitors, light fixtures and everything else you have at your computer station, all need to be plugged in.

The problem is that we have space hogging adapters on some of these devices that can make a few of your electrical outlets totally unavailable to you. Causing you to add extra power strips to the cramped equation.

Maybe we can start making feature requests to manufacturers to downsize their adapters or make them more strip-plug-friendly.

Or, while we we wait for someone on KIckstarter to tackle this issue, here are a few devices that fit the bill for immediate relief.


RCA PCHUSB3R Compact 2-Outlet USB Hub

This little hub, which has a diameter that doesn’t block the adjacent outlet, allows you to use just one outlet to plug in two USB devices. Useable for a home and travel hub and comes with a protective cap offers 2 USb inputs at 2.1 amps, full-speed charging, and is optimized for the iPad.

The PCHUSB3R is currently available at for $8-$14.




Pivot Power by Quirky

A flexible, adjustable power strip that can accommodate large adapters at all of the 6 power outlets.
Available for 29.99




Powerstrip Liberator

1’ Length Extenson.
Available at your local hardware or at Amazon, etc, for around $5.





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One Response to Hogging Valuable Space

  1. Paul Corsa says:

    The Powerstrip Liberator type of extensions are also available as dual units, and another is marketed as the Octopus, with 6 outlets- you have to watch the voltage/current of all devices plugged into the multiple outlets going into one circuit.