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I’m a bit of a password/security fanatic. I rely on 1Password not only to manage my passwords, but also to generate random secure passwords for all my sites. While 1Password does a great job of generating passwords, storing them and inserting them when I need them, there are times that I need key in a password from memory. While I want a password that I can remember, I don’t want one that would be easy to figure out. There are several ways to achieve this and I figured I’d share one method with you. What was your phone number during your childhood? Most of us remember our phone numbers from and old residence, childhood home, parent’s home, etc. In most cases while you’re gonna know that number, most will not think to use it as a password or try to hack in using it if they don’t know you. However, that’s not secure enough. Using just the phone number is only as good as no one else knowing it and chances are someone else does. This is why you have to add to it. Perhaps put a letter on the front of it and letter or two on the end of it. The chances of someone knowing this number AND the letters you’ve decided to use are going to significantly reduce the likely hood of someone guessing it. Also since many sites require a capital letter, number and special symbol, why not use them all! What letters you use is up to you. Perhaps it’s the 1st initial of the person who lived in the house on the left of you and 1st initial of the child that lived on the right of you. Again things you’ll be able to remember, but no one is likely to guess you’re using. Example: J555367-OO45k. Note that in this example one letter is upper and one is lower and instead of using zeros in the phone number I used letters. Again these could be upper case, lower case or both. Also note that there’s a dash to satisfy the “symbol” requirement. Feel free to put that dash anywhere in the string and again that will make it even harder for someone to guess.

I’m sure you can come up with your own easy to remember examples. However, if you are stumped then try the one above. Don’t use your current phone number!


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