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I’ve always been a light sleeper, and I’m a terrible insomniac. The one thing guaranteed to put me to sleep? A raging thunder storm. Have no idea why, but the worse the storm, the better I sleep. What can I say? I’m strange. Coffee doesn’t wake me up, it mellows me out.

Lately, on the nights my brain just doesn’t want to shut down, I grab my iPod touch and headphones and launch a great little $.99 app called SimplyRain. It’s simple to use . One control to set the intensity of the rain, another to set the intensity of the thunder, and a third to set the timer so it shuts off automatically. That’s it. I’ve tried a bunch of different storm/rain apps, but this is the most realistic. I haven’t been able to detect a noticeable loop point in either the rain or thunder track. The rain has just enough “rain drops hitting the window sound” to sound like a natural storm. (There is a real window right over my head.)

If storms make you jumpy, then this isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, rain relaxes you, check it out. Now, where did I leave my headphones?

Quick update — looks like the app is free for today only. Grab it while it’s free.


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