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Those brilliant folks over at Rogue Amoeba Software are at it again. Last week saw the release of a new piece of software called Intermission. I don’t know about the rest of  you, but it seems like someone is always interrupting me, whether by phone or in person. Now, if I’m listening to something on my iPod it’s not a problem. Just press pause. But what if I’m listening to a live radio broadcast? And it’s just at an important point that I don’t want to miss? Yeah, you get the point. Enter Intermission.


Intermission just sits in the background capturing your audio stream. Miss something? Pause and rewind so you can listen to it again. The control sits in the menu bar. Phone ringing? Hit pause, then resume after your call is finished and never miss a second. Intermission gives you 3 hours of buffering. Let it monitor your teleconferences or Skype conversations, then rewind and save a recording with Rogue Amoeba’s great Audio Hijack Pro. They work nicely together.


Try it for free. The demo is fully functioning, but adds noise to the buffered file after the first 10 minutes. Decide you like it? It’s only  $15.00. Check it out.


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