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My last post showed you how to find out what was taking up so much space on your iPhone (or other iOS devices). Today I’d like to offer a similar technique to Mac users. Hard drives will eventually fill up as you create more and more content, download songs, movies, etc. However, many times when our drives fill up and we go to look for things to delete, we don’t always know exactly what’s taking up so much space. For years I’ve relied on the WhatSize utility to shed some light on what exactly is taking up so much space on my drives. WhatSizeMac shows you by size and color what folders are taking up the most space so that you can go investigate. It’s faster than the Finder and does a better job. Now keep in mind this is not a utility to tell you what to delete. It merely shows you what’s taking up the most space and then it’s up to you to delete/move those items if you want. The reason I find this utility to be so useful is that it shows me in red the folders/files I should look at first as those are the ones taking up the most space. Although I wasn’t having any space issues on my MacBook Air, I now see that I’ve got a ton of TV shows in iTunes on that drive that I can delete because I’ve already watched them long ago.

You can download WhatSizeMac here.

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2 Responses to Is your Mac’s Hard Drive Full? Here’s Why…

  1. mjoecups says:

    Try Omnidisksweeper. It does the same job for free.

  2. stevenjklein says:

    Grand Perspective is another free alternative: