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My first Mac (original Classic) had a huge 40 MB hard drive, plenty of space. My current iMac has a 1 T drive. That seemed like a lot of space when I bought it 3+ years ago. I’d never fill a 1 terabyte drive. Wanna bet? I have a terrible Youtube video habit. Now, before you get the wrong idea, I collect opera recordings. I have 5 complete recordings of Rigoletto alone (different opera companies, different staging). I also collect old silent horror flicks and early TV kinescopes. Video takes up a huge chunk of drive space. Some of them are only 400-500 MB, but a couple of them are over 3 GB each.  TV episodes? Those season passes through the iTunes store? One season of an hour long show can weigh in at 8.5 GB. Get the picture?

If you seem to be running out of disk space and you’ve done the usual things like looking for temp files that decided to hang around, look at iTunes. If you’ve used a third-party app to download or rip from DVD, look in your home directory > Movies folder. Many of those apps download to a proprietary folder then convert before transferring to iTunes. Buy MP3s from Amazon? Look in the home directory > Music folder. You’ll find a copy there, as well as in the iTunes folder.

I try to keep on top of these extra files as they are downloaded, but distractions happen. Between duplicate files and videos that I will never watch again, I’ve dumped at least 60 GB of files in the last week. And no, I’m not finished. I just checked, and I still have almost 500 GB of music, audiobooks, podcasts and video files in iTunes. Of the audiobooks, most are from Audible, and I can download them again from my library on their server any time I want to listen again. So why haven’t I dumped the ones I’ve finished yet? It’s one of those things you don’t think about until you start getting tight on disk space.

Don’t be a packrat like yours truly. Take a good look at that drive. If you are through with it, get rid of it. At least move it to a backup drive.

Since we’ve had our first taste of snow here in the Motor City — Snowball fight!



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