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I remember the days when Apple used to name their Macs with very specific names. This way you knew exactly what you had. If you had a Mac LC. You knew you had an LC. If you had a IIci or IIsi, you knew what you had. Those days are long gone and to keep things “simple” Apple just names their Macs: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and Mac Pro. However, they introduce updates to these models all the time. Currently I have (actively in use) two MacBook Pros, a MacBook Air and a Mac mini. But which ones are they? As I get older I can’t keep in my head any more. I can’t remember did I get that MacBook Air in 2011, 2012 or 2013? If you’re on the Mac in question you can go up to the Apple menu and choose About This Mac.. and Apple will do a good job telling you which specific model you have. You can even dig deeper and get the specs. This is all great if you’re on the Mac in question. However, like I said I have multiple Macs and sometimes I need to know things about them even if I’m not sitting right in front of them.


I was sitting with┬áMacGroup member Mary Jo yesterday and she was getting a newer MacBook Pro (refurbished) and we weren’t sure if it had USB 3 ports or USB 2 ports. Rather than trying to find it online, I just fired up the MacTracker App on my iPhone. This App is AMAZING as it lists just about every product Apple has ever made including all the specs. Long before it was a Universal iOS App, MacTracker was a Mac App. Today I enjoy using it either on my Mac, iPad or iPhone.


On the Mac I use the “My Models” feature which allows you to save your specific Mac models to a separate panel so that you have quick access to the specs of all your Apple products. Yes, even your iPads, iPhones, iPods, Airport base stations, Apple TVs, etc.


Yesterday I discovered that you can put in your serial number for each one in the My Models area and with one click you can find out if your device still has warranty/Apple Care coverage. You can even allow the App to add a calendar entry for when your Mac, etc’s warranty will expire.


MacTracker is updated OFTEN, usually within a few days after Apple announces new models. It’s a GREAT tool and best of all it’s FREE (although I do recommend making a donation).

You can get MacTracker for Mac here:


You can get MacTracker for iOS here:


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